Norma is an award winning published author and a cosmetic designer. She is also the creator of the Young Alchemists Concept 501C3 Non-profit foundation and the film series. She was born in Honduras, came to the United States in the early ’80s as a cultural representative. During that time, Norma studied English at various schools, including enrolment in a special course for ESL at Harvard University. Norma studied Science and Social Service at the autonomous University of Honduras and was invited by Franklyn Delano Roosevelt III to become a representative of Honduras at the encampment for the World Citizenship in Puerto Rico.

Part of her activities as a cultural ambassador to the United States involved entertaining young students with stories, dances, drama, and folk tales. Soon she became aware that entertainment was a dynamic and unique way to inspire young people to achieve their ultimate potential.

Norma’s studies in Philosophy and the ancient teachings of the mystery schools of the ancient Egypt inspired her to envision Planet Earth and its people transformed into a perfect society living in harmony with each other and with Mother Nature. The Young Alchemists concept grew from this vision. Norma felt if she could share, in a fictional and entertaining way, what she has learned about the basic laws of nature that are organic to personal growth, enlightened thinking and expanded consciousness, she could plant the seed for a realization of this vision.